Pleated Cartridges Filter

Pleated Cartridge Filters are manufactured in compliance with the international quality standards according to market demands. Our pleated cartridges are manufactured using quality raw material and undergo stringent quality checks to ensure delivery of defect free products at client's destination.

A Pleated Filter Cartridge has a very thin cross-section and retains king-size particles on the upstream side of the media. Pleated filters are particularly appropriate for eliminating rigid, irregularly shaped particles.

Filter Cartridges are distinctive filters that comprise nominally rated, polypropylene pleated media for fine filtration & high efficiency and are used for various applications.

Pleated Cartridges Filter Manufacturer

Our high efficiency filter pleated cartridges provides more surface area for higher flow rate and longer life. Being high in demand, it finds application in food & beverage, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, PP construction and other demanding process applications.