Back Washable Filter Cartridge

Back Washable Filter Cartridge India

Having rich experience of fabrication we know very well the exact need of quality and features about back washable filter cartridge. We are reputed manufacturer and exporter of back washable filter cartridge.
It is made from best grade stainless steel material. It is compact and versatile model. It can be efficiently used for the flow rate of 1000 M3/hour for water. It is provided with unique design like stackable cylinders.
It contains 10 different cylinders of decreasing diameters, arranged one in other cylinder with 3 rods. It is available with inbuilt back wash design. It is also provided with inbuilt cleaning facility. It also makes easy periodic cleaning and replacement of the valves.

Back Washable Filter Manufacturer

 It can be reliably used up to 25 micron pore size. In order to offer longer service life of filter, it is provided with high filtration area. It is also provided with pre filter that offers good filtration quality of fluid.

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