Resin Cartridges Filter

We are engaged in supplying resin bonded filter cartridges or it can also be termed as cellulose cartridge which is produced from cellulose fibers. RBC Cartridges Filters feature an acrylic fiber/phenolic resin construction that produces an extremely rigid pore structure.

These Resin Cartridges having a unique, two-stage filtration design to maximize particle removal and service life in viscous fluid filtration applications. Moreover, it comprises of an outer, spiral, pre-filter wrap, which increases cartridge strength and eliminates residual debris associated with conventional and machined resin bonded cartridges.

Our Resin Bonded cartridge has been manufactured by innately bonding cellulose fibers together with a pure melamine resin. The RBC can withstand extremes of viscosity and temperature without compression or collapse. These resin bonded cartridges are used in handling fluid viscosities

The Resin Cartridges finds application in various Food Processing, Chemical Processing, Water Processing, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries. Clients can avail from us Resin Filter Cartridges and Pleated Filter Cartridges at Cost effective prices.

  • High dirt holding capacity so reducing the filtration cost.
  • Extremely porous and rigid structure can withstand operating temperatures up to 250� F.
  • Outstanding particle removal efficiencies.
  • Endures pressure differentials up to 230 PSID.
  • Unique design ensures cartridges do not impart any taste, odor, or color.

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