Wound Cartridges Filter

We manufacture Wound Filter Cartridges at our premises in Ahmedabad. These are manufactured from variety of selected raw material. The range of Wound Filter Cartridge is reliable and stable with effective absorbability and longer service life. The String Wound Filter Cartridge range has comprehensive chemical adaptability because of it spur polypropylene material.

These are also known as liquid filter cartridges that have a continuous, diagonally interlocking weave over a supporting core.  They work on the principle of depth filtration, offering a gradual rise in pressure drop across the life of the cartridge.

Wound Filter Cartridges and Industrial Filter Cartridges are appreciated due to high dirt holding capacity and to the rugged construction, which allows facing different application in liquid and gas filtration.


  • True Depth Filtration
  • Various Core and Wind Material Combinations
  • Compactible with wide range of fluids
  • Including Pre-leached
  • Fibrillated Polypropylene
  • Chemical and Temperature Compatibility
  • Wide Choice of Porosity